Genji Vector Illustration, Silhouette Moonlight Art

Genji is one of my favourite hero

I love Genji. He is one of my favourite hero in Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch.


New to Illustrator

This is my first time using Illustrator over the Inkscape software, so I’m learning at the moment. Hopefully I can create more art and maybe a gif loops version for this image.


Genji Vector Illustration and Emoji

I also made some pixel emoji for Blizzard (Heroes of the Storm). Maybe Blizzard will add the missing emoji one day I guess.  😅


Special thanks

This vector illustration art learned from this tutorial, a Youtuber (tutvid), thank you so much for providing such informative tutorial.

Inspired work from:


Hope you liked it

Thank you for your attention, I hope you liked the image. Please use this link if you wish to download the highest resolution of this picture.



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