Google Quick Draw, the funniest drawing I’ve ever seen!

Google Quick Draw is an A.I. Experiments

Google Quick Draw is an A.I/robot which asks you to draw something it requests and you have to finish it within 20 seconds. I’ve tried the first few requests and it turned out to be the funniest thing ever! 😅

Screenshots Example:

It will asks 6 different drawings to see if you can completed in time, it’s also challenging at the same time.


Google Quick Draw AI


Sometimes it doesn’t work

I always tried to draw something in 3D but it failed to recognise my drawing for example:

Google Quick Draw AI    Google Quick Draw AI    Google Quick Draw AI  Google Quick Draw AI

Nevertheless, it’s still funny

I also feel super funny about these attempts; The Mona Lisa, Minion holding a banana and Spreadsheet logo… although Google Quick Draw A.I still didn’t recognise the drawing.

Google Quick Draw AI   Google Quick Draw AI    Google Quick Draw AI

Wrapping up

Google Quick Draw will be a fun experiment for anyone even children trying to learn how to draw. I hope you had fun playing this game.

Where can I play it?

Here’s the link if you want to give it a go.


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