Google Pixel 2 Concept Render

Google Pixel 2 Concept Render

Hi, this is Kyle Han from United Kingdom. Today I’ve generated the Google Pixel 2 concept render, it’s my first time doing a phone rendering using Inkscape software. These are on vector format which I think it is great for future adjustment and it doesn’t lose a pixel. Yeah pixel…


Less bezel

The phone on the front are generally following the smartphone trend, less bezel, more screen and while it’s still easy to hold in one hand. I mean it is definitely essential nowadays for bigger screen and looking sleek for a flagship phone, right? Well, as least I think so if we are paying so much for it.


Simple is the best

Moving on, phone on the back are now covered in smooth aluminium surface with little or no antenna line showing up, superb! Additionally, I think the Google logo is great in the middle. Simple is best.


Dual Camera?

Doesn’t need to have dual cameras. But Google Pixel 2 could be still featuring one of the best smartphone camera of the year? Well hopefully!


Finger print sensor

With the finger print sensor, it has got to be the best solution for a ‘bezel-less’ screen replacement. Camera’s position should be keeping the same location without any camera bum. I would be happy to get one if my dream comes true!


How many RAM?

Stock Android doesn’t really need a lot of RAM but required better RAM management in my opinion. However getting at least 6GB of RAM should be best in 2017 right? OnePlus 5 will be having 8GB of RAM soon if you think about it…



I wish you like this concept I created. Please at least give me the credit if you wish to use this image, especially my link 🙂 I thank you for your time! Have a great day!


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