OnePlus 5 Smartphone Concept Render

OnePlus 5 Smartphone Concept Render

Hi, it’s KyleHan again! Today I’ve generated the OnePlus 5 smartphone concept render, my second concept render after the Google Pixel 2 submission. Created by using the Inkscape software in vector format.


Midnight black was popular

The reason why the phone is in black colour because it always look sleek and handsome, in my opinion. As you can tell how popular the midnight black was.


Dual cameras this year?

I think OnePlus 5 with dual cameras on front and rear could be everyone dreams, not only for photo quality improvement but also offering better depth of field technology.


Taptic feedback

In my opinion, it’s still the best having finger print sensor on front of the device, maybe with taptic mechanism which feature the vibration feedback?… Maybe not, because it’s quite expensive upgrade for device that cost half of its high-end flagship phone’s pricing.


Camera bum and Curved screen?

Right, OnePlus 5 could be having almost little or no camera bum! But a curved back would be annoying to type especially on flat surface though.


It’s time for OnePlus to get the water resistance?

Water resistance shouldn’t cost a lot right? Having something like iP67 same as the iPhone 7,  could making us even wanted more buying this smartphone!


Sizes matter?!

So far, I’m loving their latest design but one thing I’m not fan of is the screen size. They’re always big to fit in my jeans, unlike the S7 edge… I could still fit in my pocket without considering it’s a 5.5″ screen size. Let’s hope OnePlus doesn’t make the screen curved, otherwise it would be another palm rejection problem again. But I could see the OnePlus 5 will be getting slimmer bezel, which means less ‘wide’ overall. Hopefully!


Download more ‘RAM’

OnePlus 5 might be one of the flagship phone that has 8GB of RAM, while cost half of its high-end flagship phone’s price. That’s why we love OnePlus!



I wish you enjoy the concept I created. If you wish to use this picture please at least give me the credit especially my link 🙂 I thank you for your time! Have a happy weekends!


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