Pixel Emoji for Heroes of the Storm

We need a pizza emoji!

We need these pixel emoji pack for Heroes of the Storm. Yes I made these emoji 2 days ago especially for Heroes of the Storm when I found out there is no :pizza: emoji. Considering I named my myself as PizzaBoy in the game, feelsbadman.

Example of this pack:

Emoji Command
:pizza: :pizza:
Watermelon emoji :watermelon:
:lollipop: :lollipop:
:beer: :beer:
:coffee: :coffee:


Only for Blizzard

I hope Blizzard will add these extra fun emoji to their shop. Since it made by me using MS Paint, it won’t have any copyright issue. I also followed the emoji dimension and the emoji is in transparency (png), it should be compatible. So Blizzard you are allowed to have them 😊 Please add them into the shop!


Will you make more emoji?

I would like to! Depends how popular or will Blizzard implement into their shop. Was thinking about these on my mind right now :DealWithIt: :ItsATrap: :Shuriken: :Burger: etc…

Overall I hope you like them too 😁 have fun!


Download the source images

It’s recommended to use the source files, but right click to save the image should work. Download the zipped file below here.
3.25KB | Zipped


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